Dream job for GRID Volunteer


August 19, 2016


Merritt Portrait

U.S. Navy Veteran Merritt Pearson just landed his dream job, working for a wind turbine manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon. “It’s actually a company I have admired for a long time,” says Mr. Pearson.

While GRID Alternatives San Diego will be sad to lose a star volunteer, it’s moments of graduations like Mr. Pearson’s that really make everything worth it. Although Mr. Pearson had studied renewable technologies at university and was determined to carve out a career in the sector -- he says volunteering with GRID Alternatives helped make his dedication more tangible to potential employers.

“One thing I’ve really noticed about people working in wind or solar is that they’re passionate, they’re really into what they do,” says Mr. Pearson. “It’s not like HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) where it’s a career choice because it made financial sense, it’s a vocation.”

During his interview process Mr. Pearson found that making connections over a shared love for renewable energy was easier when he talked about GRID. “I can talk about being out there, in the community, making a difference. It really helped -- not only to have hands on experience, but to know I was doing it voluntarily.”

Mr. Pearson’s education and veteran’s network coupled with a solid volunteer history with GRID helped give him the edge he needed to get the job he wanted. If you’re interested in volunteering with us and adding some solar to your resume, or just learning the ropes, sign up for an orientation right here.