International Impact Stories

Read about Nurse Jwala Karki's work at the Pandu Gupha Health Post in Jumla, Nepal.
Over the years we’ve seen the importance of women seeing other women managing and installing a solar project from start to finish. Read how our Women in Solar work has made an impact in Nicaragua and Nepal through GRID's International Program.
Carmen is the president of El Regadio's women's coffee cooperative in Jinotega, Nicaragua. She worked with GRID to get a solar-powered coffee roaster and grinder for the co-op, allowing the women to create their own coffee brand and increase their incomes.
Cristy, a repeat GRID traveler to El Regadio, Nicaragua, shares her perspective on how much the community has changed from her first trip in 2017 to her most recent trip in 2019.
Partnership is central to the mission of GRID Alternatives and IGS is a great example of what a true partner looks like. A leader in delivering energy solutions to residential and commercial customers, IGS is one of GRID’s largest supporters of our International Program. Their multi-year support has enabled GRID to deepen our impact by bringing clean energy, clean air and clean water to more people in Nicaragua, Nepal and Mexico.
Five volunteers and six GRID staff volunteers from the United States donated their time to help make possible the installation of a solar system and a coffee roaster for a women’s coffee cooperative in El Regadio, Nicaragua.
Sharada is a Nepali midwife who works in the Miteri Birthing Center in the remote region of Jumla, Nepal. With the help of solar energy, Sharada is able to provide better services to the women who come to give birth at the health post.
"Sometimes we can forget that most borders are creations of history and politics that were imposed on the land and on the people living there."
Leandrus is a Nicaraguan engineer who volunteered with GRID Alternatives to give back to his country and the experience ended up changing his life. Leandrus shares his motivation to become a volunteer and how he used that experience to switch careers and help his country provide for its citizens in a sustainable way.
GRID launched the Women in Solar program in Nepal last year, providing unique hands-on training for participants in their community.