GRID ALTERNATIVES received our largest equipment donation to-date as part of a one-year, $1.2 million sponsorship from SunEdison in 2014. The investment not only supports our work in low-income communities nationally, but is also underwriting a national initiative to bring more women into the solar industry and support their professional growth. Other major equipment supporters this year include SunPower Corp. and Enphase Energy, as well as balance-of-systems providers SnapNrack, Quick Mount PV and IronRidge. Click here to learn more about our equipment partnerships.

IN 2012, WELLS FARGO made a 5-year, $2 million commitment to support our national expansion. The investment has helped us expand into communities like Asbury Park, New Jersey, where Wells Fargo volunteers (pictured above) helped us install solar for two families displaced by Superstorm Sandy. Corporate philanthropy and volunteerism from both inside and outside the solar industry has a triple bottom line impact: long-term savings for families, hands-on experience in an industry with 20% annual job growth, and measurable greenhouse gas reductions.  What’s more, it leaves employee volunteers feeling inspired and empowered. Click here for a list of our top supporters.

OUR WORK IN TRIBAL communities got a big boost in 2013 and again in 2014 thanks to a major gift through a donor-advised fund of the San Francisco Foundation. That investment has helped us bring solar power and job training to communities like the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians in California’s north coast region, pictured here, and laid the groundwork for our national Tribal Program, which formally kicked off in 2014. Individual and foundation investments in the last year have helped us reach new communities across the country, supported student involvement through our Solar Spring Break program, and incubated new programs like Troops to Solar.  Click here for a list of our top supporters.

CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR Jerry Brown got to see firsthand how GRID Alternatives transforms public funding for renewable energy and workforce development into savings for families, carbon reductions and jobs. We work with national, state and local partners to turn their renewable energy, workforce development and community revitalization dollars into on-the-ground results. Key public sector partners and supporters this year include the California Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, NYSERDA, Corporation for National and Community Service, and the City of San Diego. Click here to learn more about our public partnerships.