HQ - Gustavo Valdez

Gustavo Valdez
Mexico Project Coordinator
Gustavo was born in Monterrey, México. He studied International Relations and he has been working on outreach and Public Relations since 2007 for different organizations and projects in Mexico and the U.S. In 2013, after getting his masters in Ethics, he started living in St. Louis (MO), where he started connecting different programs regarding access to energy, housing, jobs, food and health services to the Spanish-speaking community at a Community Action Agency. It was not an easy job when there is only 4% of the population self-identifying as Latinx! Gustavo has also experienced teaching high-school and college students in the field of the Humanities and for the last two years he has been the host of a radio show in Spanish to raise awareness, enrollment and literacy on the Affordable Care Act. He has joined GRID as the Mexico Project Coordinator and looks forward to increasing renewable energy access in the country.