HQ - Virgil Looney

Virgil Looney
SolarCorps Program Director
Virgil Looney is excited to be a member of the GRID team in his role supporting SolarCorps Fellows as they serve their communities across the US. He believes in each and every Fellow and is committed to their success at GRID and beyond. Virgil has previously worked in training and education roles at StartingBloc, Lakeside Amusement Park, the Coro Fellowship, KEYS Service Corps-AmeriCorps and as a Bonner Scholar. His academic background is in economics and his curiosities have led him to research immigration issues in Singapore, ethnic humor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the life of a roller coaster ride operator. Virgil is committed to adding value to the world from today’s date till September 29, 2055 when he hopes to happily retire somewhere in the vicinity of his family, some great wooden roller coasters, and access to all kinds of dancing.