HQ - Winessa Nartia

Winessa Nartia
SolarCorps Workforce Development and Volunteer Fellow
Winessa Nartia, also known as Winnie, is a SolarCorps Fellow for Workforce Development and Volunteerism in the Headquarters office. She went to Humboldt State University to pursue her Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science with a focus in Energy and Climate. In her last Spring Break as an undergraduate, she helped implement sustainable agriculture with other students in the schools of El Bálsamo and Teustepe. She was also an intern for Redwood Energy to help research on zero-net energy appliances for tiny homes and was part of HSU’s Associated Students Earth Week Planning Committee. Now she is working with GRID to help students be engaged with GRID Alternatives’ Solar Spring Break. Being raised in the countryside from the island of Lāna‘i City, Hāwai‘i for ten years and another ten years in Los Angeles thereafter, she has grown an affinity for the great outdoors and hope to continue protecting it for underserved communities, animals and future generations. She is excited to continue learning and working to achieve GRID’s mission.