Energy Access Forum- Events Archive

Energy Access Forum organizes in-person networking, speaking, and workshop events in the San Francisco Bay Area and webinars that reach global audiences. Our events create forums for practitioners, academics and students, and others to discuss current issues in the energy access space.

Events have included keynote speakers and insightful panel discussions featuring experts in the global energy access field. Our meetups and happy hours foster connections among a passionate community of people actively working towards making clean electricity accessible around the world. These interactive events cover best practices and topics pertinent to international energy access ranging from long-term sustainability of off-grid PV systems, community-centric approaches to rural renewable energy development, women leadership, energy storage, income-generation, and beyond. Delve into these topics with our recorded discussions: 

How Solar Can Aid Natural Disaster Response

Representatives of three international first-responder agencies identified critical energy access gaps that can be filled to ensure access to reliable electricity during disaster response. The discussion explored how the solar industry can participate in immediate emergency response, rebuilding, and ensuring long-term resiliency. 

Panelists included Rami Shakra, Director of Field Operations, NetHope; Debbie Yee, Senior Disaster Program Manager, Northern Counties, American Red Cross, Northern CA Coastal Region; Suraj Paudel, Inspector, Research & Development Section, Armed Police Force, Nepal. Moderated by Chris Fearon, Emergency Communications Planning Manager at Google and Energy Access Forum member. Recorded on March 21, 2018. 

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Preventing the "Solar Graveyard"

Thousands of off-grid solar systems installed in developing countries stop working well before their intended lifespan, disrupting electricity access and causing equipment to sit unused in a “solar graveyard.” We hosted a panel discussion with global energy access experts to learn why this happens and what can be done to ensure that international off-grid solar projects have the maximum positive impact on the communities they are designed to serve. 

Panelists included Anjal Niraula, General Manager, Gham Power, Nepal; Erica Mackey, Co-Founder, Off Grid Electric, Tanzania; Mathias Craig, Executive Director, blueEnergy, Nicaragua. Moderated by Jenean Smith, GRID Alternatives' Director of International Programs. Recorded on June 21, 2017.

Women in International Solar Development

Solar micro-grids, small solar home systems and solar lighting are transforming energy development in rural and other hard to serve communities around the world and creating new opportunities for women as producers and consumers. 

Panelists included 
Victoria Arch, VP of Global Strategy, Angaza; Moira Hanes, Co-founder and interim ED, Empowered by Light; Barbara Rubim, Renewable Energy Coordinator, Greenpeace International Brazil; Laura Stachel, Executive Director, We Care Solar. Moderated by Jenean Smith, GRID Alternatives International Program Director. Recorded November 16, 2016.