Team Leader Program

After completing either all IBT Array or Electrical skills, participants interested in advancing to Team Leader status must participate in a Leadership workshop and two test installs in order to achieve Team Leader status. Once an individual has completed all Team Leader requirements, they will receive a Team Leader T-shirt in recognition of their new role.

The Team Leader program serves:   

  • Volunteers who want to dedicate more time to GRID’s mission by helping us to provide a quality participant experience on our installations.   
  • Trainees who want to develop their technical and leadership skills in order to prepare for more advanced roles in the industry and the NABCEP PV Professional Installer Exam.

Benefits of Becoming a GRID Team Leader

  • Play an important role in creating a positive training and volunteer experience
  • Priority participant slots on most installations
  • Opportunities to gain leadership skills
  • Access to attend and potentially lead trainee-only events and workshops
  • Experience that counts toward qualifying for the NABCEP PV Installer Exam
  • Invaluable hands-on training and access to potential employment opportunities

NABCEP PV Professional Field Experience Qualification

The NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification requires an approved 58-hour class and decision-making experience on 3-5 complete solar PV installations. GRID does not provide coursework, but decision-making experience can be achieved as a GRID Alternatives Certified Team Leader. For each NABCEP system installation requirement, the Team Leader must have led one complete installation as an Array Team Leader and another complete installation as an Electrical Team Leader. For more information about NABCEP PV Professional Certification visit

Becoming a GRID Team Leader

You must earn either all the required electrical or all the array skills certificates before joining the Team Leader program.  Access to the program is based on training slot availability and individual assessment. Once an individual has completed all Team Leader requirements, they will receive an orange shirt in recognition of their Team Leader role.

Are you a solar employer or job training organization?

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