Community Solar

GRID’s Solar Spring Break is a national alternative break program that has grown from six schools in 2014 to 22 schools in 2019, creating opportunities for students to make a difference in low-income communities while getting hands-on training in renewable energy.
Joseph first heard about GRID Alternatives seven years ago from Lisa Castilone, GRID IE’s Tribal Manager and Outreach Coordinator. After a presentation about job training opportunities and the solar programs that GRID Alternatives offers, Joseph realized the potential impacts that no-cost solar could have for himself and his tribe.
A partnership between Stone Soup Fresno, Reading and Beyond, and GRID Alternatives Central Valley paved way for a wonderful solar system funded through the City of Fresno Community Development Block Grants Program (CDBG), to be installed on Stone Soup Fresno.
For the first time, GRID Alternatives Central Valley hosted 40 students visiting from Universidad Autónoma Chapingo located in Mexico. This university is the alma mater to one of our own Solar Installation Supervisor’s, Daniel Lomas. Universidad Autónoma Chapingo is an ...
Nestled in the heart of wine country in Temecula, California, Madera Vista Apartments is a 110-unit mixed-income project, which is the first multi-family solar installation in this region for GRID Alternatives Inland Empire.
Today, the D.C. Council chamber overflowed with interested citizens at the last legislative meeting of 2018. Clean energy supporters were there in large numbers--including a couple of us representing GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic.
A new house is a blank canvas for the countless memories, opportunities, and life events for a family. For new homeowners like David Cibrian, the house that he moved into last October is a place of limitless opportunities for his wife and young daughter.
The City of Rancho Cucamonga is nestled between Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Although centrally located between metropolitan, the San Bernardino National Forest, and OC beaches, its ideal location also contributes to high air pollution levels from traffic and warehouses.
The City of Rancho Cucamonga is nestled between Los Angeles and San Bern