Environmental Justice

As we glance back at 2018, there are many positive achievements that GRID can be thankful for here in the IE.
This month we would like to spotlight Ernest R
As a student from the University of California, Riverside, and as a Global Studies major, Wendy Juarez wanted to focus on the global environment and learn more about ways and tactics to reduce carbon footprint on a global scale.
Davetta Simpson has been a resident of Jurupa for 18 years. A mother of two with two grandchildren, she first heard about GRID through her participation in Community Action Partnership (CAP) Riverside’s home weatherization program.
The holidays are just around the corner, beginning with a season of thanksgiving.
Council Member Cristina Carrazosa, who represents southern Pomona's District 3 communities, thanked volunteers for their assistance on Clean Air Day.
Watts could benefit just as much as more privileged communities do from clean driving, and consumers had a way to save money by going electric.
We’re excited to partner with Energy Upgrade California to educate and inspire communities to conserve electricity and preserve our environment.