At 17 years old Michael Elkins, following his good friend, joined the world of military service.
Our armed forces hails brave men and women who not only serve our country, but also provides troops with training in various fields. GRID IE Construction Intern Jesse Mota moved through the ranks from Private to Master Gunnery Sergeant while serving in the United States Marines before landing at GRID Alternatives. “I was stationed in Panama as an Embassy Guardian. My duties included acting as a ‘changing of the guards’ to gain confidence and develop trust with the locals,” Jesse reflected. While in the Marines, Jesse developed a broad range of skill sets that set the stage for his career in the solar industry, including his experience as a combat engineer. He was honorably discharged after 25 faithful years of service to the American people.
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Veteran Ann Oluwadare, due to her military commitment, wasn't able to finish the Solar Technology class she had started at American River College in Sacramento. She decided to attend an install and signed up for our December We Build. She shared about her empowering experience at the 2-day install with GRID staff
We would like to thank all our veterans and current service members for defending our country.
On Veteran’s Day weekend, GRID Alternatives North Valley facilitated our quarterly Troops to Solar service-learning workday.
Roger Stark was born and raised in Ohio. At 18 years old and fed up with harsh Ohio winters, Roger trekked across the nation, finding himself in sunny San Diego where he was recruited as a Marine. He served during the Vietnam era for three years. He was filled with excitement when he first enlisted, learning quickly what serving this country means – leadership, teamwork, reliability and community service.
Solarthon is GRID Alternatives’ flagship community installation event, bringing together people from all walks of life – including individual volunteers, corporate sponsors, and community leaders – and with the completion of this achievement low-income residents of Los Angeless will benefit from over $200,000 in lifetime savings.
On Veterans Day, members of KPMG’s Veterans Network joined GRID Alternatives to install solar on the home of Yvonne, whose husband and children are veterans and active duty military members, in Southeast, DC.