Anuj Thakkar has a passion for renewable energy, battery storage technologies and micro grid solutions.
Veronica Johnson is a single mother of three and a resident of a Denver
At 17 years old Michael Elkins, following his good friend, joined the world of military service.
Solarthon, a solar installation block party and fundraiser is an annual
My name is Jisela Herrera and I am a fourth-year student at the University of California, Riverside. Science has always been a passion of mine and more specifically, environmental science. I knew I wanted to intern at an organization where I could make a positive impact in people’s lives and the future of our planet. As someone who is deeply passionate about social justice and environmentalism, I found GRID Alternatives to be the perfect internship for me as it has given me the opportunity to contribute to the environment and society in a much broader spectrum. The first thing that attracted me to GRID Alternatives was their mission statement. GRID Alternatives installs solar systems at no cost to low-income homeowners and I knew from the start that I wanted to partner up with an organization with integrity, which I found here at GRID.
Our armed forces hails brave men and women who not only serve our country, but also provides troops with training in various fields. GRID IE Construction Intern Jesse Mota moved through the ranks from Private to Master Gunnery Sergeant while serving in the United States Marines before landing at GRID Alternatives. “I was stationed in Panama as an Embassy Guardian. My duties included acting as a ‘changing of the guards’ to gain confidence and develop trust with the locals,” Jesse reflected. While in the Marines, Jesse developed a broad range of skill sets that set the stage for his career in the solar industry, including his experience as a combat engineer. He was honorably discharged after 25 faithful years of service to the American people.
Ahmed Habib has always been extremely interested in renewable energy, installation, and design. He decided to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at Northern Arizona University and eventually graduated in 2013. Ahmed recently designed a $53,000 interactive solar PV system for an elementary school and wanted to further expand on these projects. Wanting to also advance in the solar industry, Ahmed decided to volunteer for GRID in order to obtain more skills and experience. “I have always had an interest in solar and wanted to help people,” he states, “GRID was the perfect opportunity to get some training.”
We would like to thank all our veterans and current service members for defending our country.