Panel Discussion: Energy Access Work in Conflict Areas

Energy Access Forum: Photo of a village in Nicaragua at night, people clustered around a brightly shining building with solar lighting
This panel discussion brought together experts to discuss their work in advancing renewable energy access in situations of conflict across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Navajo Nation.

Energy Access Work in Conflict Areas

Tuesday August 21, 6:30-9 PM at the Sierra Club Oakland

We hope you were able to join Energy Access Forum and Sierra Club for this stimulating panel discussion on Energy Access Work in Conflict Areas. The event was moderated by Jenean Smith, Director of International Programs at GRID Alternatives (Twitter: @jeneansolar), and included expert panelists from across the academic, corporate and non-profit sectors.   Learn more about our panelists!

Panelists include:

Dan Kammen headshot

Daniel Kammen
University of California, Berkeley
Professor in the Energy and Resources Group 

Twitter: @dan_kammen

Head shot of Tim Willink

Tim Willink
GRID Alternatives
Director of Tribal Programs  

Instagram: @GRIDTribalProgram

Head shot of Alyssa Newman

Alyssa Newman
Program Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability in Conflict Minerals

Twitter: @energyalyssa

Thank you to Sierra Club Oakland, Energy Access Forum partner and co-host, for providing their space for this event.