Greater Los Angeles Staff

Michael has been the Executive Director of GLA since 2013 and previously served as one of the founding Directors of its Board. Prior to his involvement with GRID, Michael worked in a variety of government and campaign roles including Policy Director for the New York City Council Member representing Lower Manhattan after 9/11, Policy Director on the 2008 Obama campaign and Director of Public and Consumer Affairs for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Michael currently sits on the Board of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters. He also holds a BA from Columbia University and a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.
As a Bruin and native Angeleno, Ashley loves Southern California and all the great things it has to offer. Ashley realized she really wants to help people and communities at an early age and opted to go to an alternative high school in Compton to prepare for a career in medicine. After receiving her BA in History from UCLA, she began her career path by working in several different industries before catching solar fever in 2011. After working in the for-profit world for 7 years, she realized that the desire to help her community was not being fulfilled and decided to embark on a different path that combined both her love for renewable energy and community development. GRID affords her the opportunity and she could not be happier! She is excited to bring her experience with project administration and business operations to the GRID family and hopes to make a positive impact in her community and spread the culture of GRID wherever she goes. She is thrilled that she has the opportunity to work for such a positive company with such a wonderful approach and diverse perspective on people, planet and employment.


Initially from Kingston Jamaica, Norman has spent a majority of his time in the military overseas in Japan. He found himself looking for a new career path after his job in the biotech industry was downsized with the shifting economy. Since he has always had a passion for renewable energy, being a volunteer then eventually working for GRID has been a great career change. He has an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management with an emphasis on Project Management. “Helping to train volunteers and at the same time assisting low income homeowners improve their lives is the best thing that could happen to me.”
Construction Associate
Senior Solar Installation Supervisor
Solar Installation Supervisor
Solar Installation Supervisor
Solar Installation Supervisor
SolarCorp Construction Fellow
Solar Installation Supervisor
Warehouse Manager


Originally from the east coast, Adewale moved to Southern California in 2007. Initially he worked at California State University, Dominguez Hills for the California African American Political & Economic Institute, a non-profit research organization that disseminated information into the Greater Los Angeles community. During the course of his employment, he took up the study of photovoltaics at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. It was at that time that he learned about and became involved with GRID Alternatives. Since then he has developed a passion for solar energy and all the possibilities its uses create. “To be able to stay involved in building healthy and sustainable communities keeps me grounded as an individual, while staying connected to humanity at large.” “I am excited about the future; I’ve found something in which I am passionate about, that I can build a career in, while helping to save the environment. Just as important is the fact that I am also empowered to help others in a way that that benefits us all. As a Workforce Development Manager, GRID Alternatives provides me with a great opportunity, not only in which to learn and grow, but also to give back.”
Volunteer Training Coordinator
Development and Communications Coordinator
Development Associate
Development Assistant
Multifamily Development Manager


Prior to joining GLA, Stella Ursua, Strategic Partnerships, worked over 25+ years managing global Organizational Development/ Training functions at Fortune 500 companies and leading several non-profit organizations to design educational curriculum, outreach strategies and numerous environmental health/sustainability-related programs and in underserved communities. Stella has spent countless hours partnering with community-based organizations, businesses and local government agencies to promote and create more sustainable neighborhoods, and over the years, completed a handful of solar installs with GLA in Long Beach & South LA neighborhoods. She has been a long-time supporter and admirer of GRID Alternatives’ work and is thrilled to finally join GLA in this new role. Stella is married to her spouse of 8 years, Pinky, and they live in and grow old in Long Beach.
Outreach Coordinator
Outreach and Operations Specialist
Senior Outreach Coordinator/ Veteran Liaison
Senior Outreach Coordinator
Outreach Coordinator
SolarCorp Outreach Fellow
Outreach Coordinator
SolarCorp Outreach Fellow
Outreach Coordinator

Project Management

A long time volunteer, Michelle Belacic has finally joined GLA as full-time staff member! Starting off in GRID's job training and volunteer installer program "just for fun," Michelle went on to work for SolarCity in various capacities such as site surveying, inspections, permitting, and project management. Michelle's volunteering spans eight years across GRID’s community from LA to San Diego to the Mid-Atlantic and even Nicaragua. She also serves on GLA’s Workforce Development Committee. Now as a Project Manager with GLA, Michelle will continue to dedicate her time to helping GRID's families.
Project Designer
SolarCorp Project Management Fellow
Project Management Associate
Multifamily Project Manager