Greater Los Angeles Staff

Executive Leadership

As a Bruin and native Angeleno, Ashley loves Southern California and all the great things it has to offer. Ashley realized she really wants to help people and communities at an early age and opted to go to an alternative high school in Compton to prepare for a career in medicine. After receiving her BA in History from UCLA, she began her career path by working in several different industries before catching solar fever in 2011. After working in the for-profit world for 7 years, she realized that the desire to help her community was not being fulfilled and decided to embark on a different path that combined both her love for renewable energy and community development. GRID affords her the opportunity and she could not be happier! She is excited to bring her experience with project administration and business operations to the GRID family and hopes to make a positive impact in her community and spread the culture of GRID wherever she goes. She is thrilled that she has the opportunity to work for such a positive company with such a wonderful approach and diverse perspective on people, planet and employment.
Administrative Operations Manager


Jonatan Escalante was born in Guatemala City. After graduating from construction design, he moved to the United States. He started working on different construction trades and in 2009 he finally joined the solar industry. After 10 years of experience in working in design and construction for the same solar company and finishing multiple projects from 2KW up to 2MW, he decided to move forward on his career and applied to Grid Alternatives greater Los Angeles. Now he feels proud to be part of the Grid family. He is proud of himself because coming from another country wasn't an obstacle for him to succeed in the U.S. He looks forward to seeing what the future has for him with GRID Alternatives.
Construction Workforce Training Specialist
Assistant Construction Manager
Senior Solar Installation Supervisor
Solar Installation Supervisor
Commercial Design Manager
Construction Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Project Designer
Solar Installation Supervisor
Solar Installation Supervisor
Senior Solar Installation Supervisor
Logistics & Safety Manager
Solar Installation Supervisor
Commercial Project Manager


A New York transplant, Alex came to Los Angeles to study urban and regional planning at UCLA, focusing his research on climate change mitigation through a regional planning framework. After graduation, Alex continued policy research at the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation where he led research projects in both the Alternative Energy and Alternative Fuels (PEVs) initiatives. GRID teamed with the Luskin Center for a solar at affordable housing report, where Alex saw GRID’s social mission firsthand and economic and environmental justice in action. Alex joined GRID in May 2016 to help launch GRID GLA’s multifamily and commercial non-profit program. Alex works to develop partnerships with affordable housing non-profits to bring solar and job training to them and their residents, as well as to other mission-aligned non-profits who can reduce their operating costs and reinvest savings back into their mission.
Strategy Officer
Development Officer
Commercial Project Designer
Clean Mobility and Partnerships Manager


Nick Boateng is a military veteran with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nick has also worked for the Treasury department in the Agency for Enterprise Solutions. Nick likes to travel and is passionate about the environment and the impact it has on our societies. Nick is inspiring to be a social entrepreneur and would like to leave a legacy in renewable Energy and agriculture. Working at Grid Alternatives GLA outreach is giving Nick an opportunity promote Solar photo voltaic education and usage in the communities across Greater Los Angeles.
Outreach Coordinator
Senior Outreach Coordinator
Outreach Coordinator
Outreach Associate
Outreach & Operations Specialist
Outreach Coordinator
Outreach Coordinator

Program Administration

Teresa Perez grew up in East Los Angeles and has always been driven to help create healthy and safe communities across Los Angeles. Teresa graduated from the California State University, Long Beach in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Policy. Teresa started her career with GRID Alternatives as a SolarCorps Fellow in 2016, and then joined the Development team to manage the Corporate Sponsorship Program. After leaving GRID, Teresa worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to help coordinate and plan the largest lead paint remediation initiative in the country. Teresa has returned to GRID help plan and implement the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Green Together Program for the community of Pacoima.

Workforce Development

Originally from the east coast, Adewale moved to Southern California in 2007. Initially he worked at California State University, Dominguez Hills for the California African American Political & Economic Institute, a non-profit research organization that disseminated information into the Greater Los Angeles community. During the course of his employment, he took up the study of photovoltaics at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. It was at that time that he learned about and became involved with GRID Alternatives. Since then he has developed a passion for solar energy and all the possibilities its uses create. “To be able to stay involved in building healthy and sustainable communities keeps me grounded as an individual, while staying connected to humanity at large.” “I am excited about the future; I’ve found something in which I am passionate about, that I can build a career in, while helping to save the environment. Just as important is the fact that I am also empowered to help others in a way that that benefits us all. As a Workforce Development Manager, GRID Alternatives provides me with a great opportunity, not only in which to learn and grow, but also to give back.”
Workforce Development Grants Program Specialist