Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles' Angeleno Corps: Guest Post by Naydelin Chimil


December 09, 2021
Naydelin Chimil Tico

Naydelin is one of several young individuals who has the chance to make a difference in some of the most impacted areas of the City of Los Angeles. This is happening thanks to the Mayor of Los Angeles' Angeleno Corps, funded as an outgrowth of the City's 2022 Justice Budget.

Hello, blog! My name is Naydelin Chimil (she/her). I am currently a freshman at Santa Monica College majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. With finals right around the corner, I am excited to finish my first semester of college. Whoop, Whoop!

More about me: I am part of the Pre-Law Society Program at my college where I am able to share my passion for learning about the law while networking with lawyers and judges. Along with that, I participate in the Invest in Youth Coalition and am part of the Youth Advisory Board. In the coalition, I learn about policies and work closely with local government in advocating for youths like me.

This fall, I started work as an Angeleno Corps participant on GRID Alternatives' Greater Los Angeles team. At GRID Alternatives, I spy the differences made by the team in transforming a low-income community/home into a greener and cleaner environment.

I gain insights on environmental injustices that are particularly ubiquitous in the neighborhoods where low-income people of color live. With GRID, I have been able to integrate my major in learning how to reduce climate change in oppressed communities by simply learning how a solar panel can create clean energy.


Naydelin Chimil