NV- Kari Kapadia

Kari Kapadia
Program Operations Coordinator
Kari Kapadia began as a Workforce Programs Fellow with GRID. She studied Aerospace Engineering and Space Systems Engineering at The University of Michigan, then started her career with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab designing earth-observing satellite missions and developing programs for NASA Earth science. Encountering climate change data that shook up her worldview, she left NASA and took off for work of a more activist nature, working on documentaries about homelessness in LA and rural education in Bangladesh, designing housing in India, teaching about HIV in Swaziland, and working on organic farms in Europe. She landed in Northern California, where she studied Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at CIIS. She is committed to investing in work that cultivates a sustainable and just society and is thrilled to be working on environmental justice issues with GRID. Kari is a lifelong student of metaphysics and mindfulness. When she's not working, she enjoys meditating, kayaking, playing guitar and singing, cooking vegetarian cuisine, and studying cosmology.