GRID Alternatives Central Coast is doing some amazing work helping local community members gain access to solar energy! We bring together community partners, volunteers and job trainees to implement solar power and energy efficiency for low-income families, providing energy cost savings, valuable hands-on experience and a source of clean, local energy that benefits us all. Our latest program, Youth in Solar, aims to engage disadvantaged youth ages 16-21 in our solar installation training program to provide solar education and hands-on experience with the goal being to set them on a path towards a promising future.

Miguel Rodriguez’s new interview attire — shiny black shoes; dapper white, blue and black dress shirts; three handkerchiefs; and three regimental-striped ties — led not to a position on Wall Street, but to a job installing solar panels on city roofs. And that is just the way he likes it.

In his years of skateboarding, Abdu Rodney has had the run of Brooklyn. He has jumped the stone steps at Cadman Plaza, between the federal district courthouse and the Brooklyn Bridge, and suffered sprained joints and lacerated skin, attending much of high school covered in a shifting cartography of scrapes and bruises.

Tamara Herrera was born premature and severely debilitated.

Miguel Rodriguez struggled to find personal balance in high school, sometimes finding himself in small scuffles with o

Twenty year old Kaly Cheyenne Moore joins us in the Central Coast by way of our North Valle