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Energy Access Forum brings together people who are working towards making clean electricity accessible to people around the world. We organize in-person networking, speaking, and workshop events in the San Francisco Bay Area and webinars that reach global audiences. Our events create forums for practitioners, academics and students, and others to discuss current issues in the energy access space. Formerly known as Energy Access SF, Energy Access Forum is a volunteer-driven initiative of GRID Alternatives' International Program.


Webinar: How Solar Can Aid Natural Disaster Response

Wednesday March 21, 10-11 AM PT

This webinar brought together leading first-responder agencies to discuss how the solar industry can support these agencies before, during and after natural disasters occur. Hear what first responders from three countries identified as critical gaps that can be filled to ensure the responders have access to reliable electricity during disaster response. Explore how the solar industry can participate in immediate emergency response, rebuilding, and ensuring long-term resiliency.

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