Inland Empire Staff

Bambi grew up in the Washington, DC area, holds a BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Real Estate Development from the University of Maryland – College Park, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. In her career she has worked as a green builder, designer, and consultant for a number of private and non-profit developers, building owners, and design/engineering/contracting firms throughout the US and internationally. Bambi enjoys cooking, eating, hiking, traveling, reading, teaching, humming, building things, and spending time with her family. She believes in trying anything, especially unique foods, at least once!


Marketing and Communications Manager
Marketing Communications Analyst


Construction Manager
Construction Assistant
Pre-Design Supervisor
Warehouse Assistant
Solar Installation Supervisor
SolarCorps Construction Fellow
Senior Solar Installation Supervisor & System Designer
Solar Installation Supervisor
Solar Installation Supervisor
Design Assistant
Construction Assistant
Senior Solar Installation Supervisor


Development Manager


Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Executive Assistant & Office Manager


Outreach Assistant
Outreach Coordinator & Tribal Manager
SolarCorps Outreach Fellow
Outreach Coordinator
SolarCorps Outreach Fellow
Outreach Coordinator
SolarCorps Outreach Fellow

Workforce & Volunteering

Workforce and Volunteer Manager
Volunteer And Training Coordinator
Workforce Training Coordinator