Help make sure that everyone can participate in the transition to clean, renewable energy. Your gift to GRID Alternatives has ripple effects throughout communities: financial relief for struggling families; good jobs for people who need them; and a source of local, renewable energy that cleans the air and inspires neighbors and friends to get on board.

Why give?

With each passing year our work has grown exponentially, both in terms of numbers of families served and breadth of activities, from day-to-day installations to new job training partnerships to policy-level work. But a single vein continues to run through it all: making renewable energy more accessible. Despite huge advances, clean, affordable power is still available only to a tiny sliver of the world's population. But here at GRID we know that it doesn't have to be that way, and we - all of us - are proving that every day.

When a family in South LA goes solar, they are inspiring others in their community to do the same. When a group of youth from New York City public housing gets on a roof to install solar for the first time, they are discovering a new technology and a new career path. When California passes legislation reaffirming its commitment to solar for low-income communities, it is setting the stage for equitable solar policies in other states and in the nation at large.

Every year, as we intensify and expand our work in all of these areas doing what we do on the ground and at the same time helping our leaders make solar policy that benefits all our communities we are ever grateful for the support of people like you who care enough to roll up your sleeves and make a difference: it's your time and your gifts that power GRID's good work. We need you! Give today, and we'll put your dollars to work tomorrow, making solar energy affordable for everyone who needs it.

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News From the Field

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