Celebrating a successful year of solar in the Central Valley


January 24, 2017

Intercepted by GRID Alternatives! In 2016 more than 24,000 tons of greenhouse gasses were stopped in their tracks! Central California may breathe a little easier this year with the pollution equivalent of over 4,000 cars halted by GRID Central Valley and the 315 low-income families who have joined the solar movement!

In 2016 our hard-working construction team has installed over 1 megawatt of solar while training over 800 volunteers and job trainees, helping them gain the experience necessary to launch careers in the growing solar job market.

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Solar Installation Supervisor teaches volunteer to install flashings
Teaching Skills

Our outreach team turns canvassing into an art, tirelessly traveling throughout the region to inform potential clients about GRID’s program. They spread the word and helped 315 families to go green with GRID Alternatives and start saving money on their energy bills! The systems GRID Alternatives installed in 2016 will provide over $13 million in combined electricity savings for these families!

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Led by the tenacious Tom Esqueda, GRID Alternatives’ Central Valley staff has made an outstanding impact in Central California. The 315 systems installed in 2016 brings us to 1,376 systems provided since 2009 when the GRID Central Valley office opened in Fresno. The environmental impact alone is unbelievable! More than 110,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions were avoided in our region in the eight years GRID Alternatives has been in the Central Valley. That impact is equivalent to removing nearly 22,000 cars from the road!

Volunteers on roof after finishing an install
Solarthon 2016 - Fresno State

These numbers will continue to increase more rapidly as time progresses and we continue to spread the word. With the efforts of Executive Director Tom Esqueda, the Development Team, and the Workforce Development and Volunteerism staff, we will amplify our impact by gaining new partnerships with schools and job training organizations and others who share our mission. It will be exciting to see how many more will join us in 2017!

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