Blythe Volunteer Becomes GRID Homeowner


January 23, 2017

Manuel Sanchez first heard about GRID when he volunteered to install a solar system in Blythe in 2015. A Blythe resident himself, Manuel embraced the idea of some hands-on experience. “I was taking solar classes at the time,” he explained, “and I was happily surprised to have the chance to work side-by-side with professionals.” He enjoyed the experience so much he went on to install systems for two other neighbors in Blythe with GRID’s partner subcontractors. “The installations were invaluable in turning abstract concepts I had learned in school into something concrete.”

In 2016, seeking solar panels of his own, Manuel requested quotes from several solar companies. He reached out to a GRID solar installation supervisor (SIS) who trained him for advice on selecting a contractor. The SIS advised Manuel to call GRID to see if he would qualify for his own o-cost system.  Manuel submitted his application and was soon approved. “After working as a volunteer, working with GRID’s subcontractors, then finding out I qualified for GRID’s program, my choice was obvious.”

Manuel is proud to be one of the 52 homeowners with GRID systems in Blythe. Take a few minutes today and call to see if you qualify. You can reach us by calling 951.465.2864 or visiting our GRID Solar Qualification page.