GRID System Inspires Neighbor to Action


April 24, 2017

When homeowner Frankie Munoz saw a GRID construction team at work installing a solar system at his neighbor’s house, it piqued his interest to learn about solar and determine if sustainable energy would be a viable option for him. Frankie decided to walk across the street, speak to the GRID team, and ask a few questions. 

Frankie took a few minutes and spoke to GRID Solar Installation Supervisor (SIS) Keaton McGuire who explained key components of GRID’s Solar Affordable Housing Program. He learned that getting a GRID system does not require credit checks or high bills and no liens are placed on the home. Frankie also found out qualified homeowners can save from 50 to 90% on their electric bill. The information provided was compelling, but Frankie was still somewhat skeptical. 

Later, when Frankie finally had a chance to talk to his neighbor, he was quite surprised to learn the solar system was installed without any costs to her. Frankie subsequently called GRID’s outreach team and found out that he too qualified for a GRID system. “A lot of companies had approached me about solar, but financially I couldn’t afford it. None came close to GRID’s program for me,” said Frankie. 

Like many families, Frankie is the sole breadwinner for his family of five. Utility bills consume a large portion of his monthly budget, sometimes reaching close to $400, particularly during the summer months. His neighbor indicated that her first electric bill after her solar system became operational was only $5. Frankie is looking forward to the same type of savings so he can catch up on bills and better manage his family’s expenses. 

If you are a homeowner with limited financial resources or on a fixed income, follow Frankie’s example. In addition, GRID IE has a homeowner referral program of $200 through the end of the year. Call GRID today at 951.465.2864 and find out if you qualify for a no-cost solar system. GRID has installed almost 1,300 systems in the Inland Empire with over $43 million in lifetime savings. You could be the next homeowner to save up to 90% on your electric bill.