Mother and Daughter Share the GRID Experience


March 27, 2017

GRID IE is leading the way in helping to make clean, renewal energy accessible to everyone. In our newest program to raise awareness about our no-cost solar systems, GRID launched a $200 referral bonus that will continue through the end of 2017. The program allows homeowners and volunteers an opportunity to receive a financial reward for sharing their GRID experience with friends and family members who may qualify for a GRID system.

Nadine Wilson is one of the first recipients of the $200 bonus program. Her GRID installed system became operational in February. Just one week later, her mother Carol Myvett also became a GRID client. Carol said her daughter told her she had researched solar companies and found a program that she knew would be beneficial in reducing electric bill expenses. Sure enough, after learning about the advantages of a GRID solar system, Carol contacted the GRID IE outreach team.

Carol said that she and her eldest son had previously looked into solar but after her daughter made the switch, she was convinced GRID was her best option. “My experience with GRID has been great,” Carol affirmed. “I was pleasantly surprised that the construction crew was very knowledgeable, including the younger volunteers. Everyone was so professional. I provided chicken for lunch and the construction crew were all very appreciative.”

Carol has already followed suit with her daughter in sharing her experience and plans to continue speaking with her neighbors and friends so they too have an opportunity to decrease their electric bills up to 90%. She said the savings from switching to solar would make an impact in her ability to purchase groceries and other necessities.

For more information about the Referral Program, contact GRID at 951-465-2864. You can also learn more about the Solar Affordable Housing Program by visiting our website.