Outreach SolarCorps Fellows Ready to Engage the IE Community


September 26, 2016

The new team of GRID IE’s Outreach SolarCorps Fellows includes Rachel Norwood, Tracy Ruiz, and Nicole Villaneuva. They are already actively seeking clients for GRID’s Solar Affordable Housing Program through community events, networking, and canvassing Inland Empire neighborhoods. “I found GRID’s mission to provide diverse, underserved communities with free solar systems to be awe-inspiring,” said Rachel. “As a person who has volunteered in disadvantaged communities and fought for equity, I found GRID to be closely aligned with my own personal values.”

Tracy Ruiz also brings experience working with low-income homeowners to GRID. She understands how families can struggle to make ends meet after purchasing a home. Tracy mentioned utility bills represent a challenge, especially in the Inland Empire where temperatures routinely soar above 100˚F.  “GRID offers these families the opportunity to save on their electric bill while positively contributing to cleaner air,” Tracy said. “As a SolarCorps Fellow, I will use my skills to identify homeowners and assist them through the application process.” 

For Nicole Villaneueva, GRID’s reputation and presence in the communities she has lived was a motivating factor in her decision to pursue a SolarCorps position. Nicole brings to GRID skills developed in civic engagement, pushing social change through open, honest, and passionate communication. “I used these skills while working at a philanthropic foundation, an experience that really piqued my passion for helping people and changing the world for the better,” Nicole commented. “I figure the best place for me to shine is my own hometown and I’m excited to work at GRID IE to build a healthier and happier community.” 

If you are someone who could benefit from a no-cost GRID solar system or know others who may qualify, what are you waiting for? Contact Rachel, Tracy, Nicole or someone on GRID IE’s outreach team today and start the process. Call 951.272.4743 or email ieoutreach@gridalternatives.org to begin your path towards energy savings.