Jackie’s Solar Future


March 27, 2017

As a little girl, Jackie loved working on home improvement projects with her father. She has been interested in construction for as long as she can remember. She joined the AERO Academy at Porterville High School, inspiring in her the initiative to utilize her love of construction to make the world a better place with alternative energy. The AERO Academy teaches students about Alternative Energy Related Occupations. AERO brought the first group high school students to install with GRID Alternatives’ Central Valley office six years ago. Now GRID’s Solar Future Program provides solar training and education to students from 28 high schools in our region. Through Solar Futures, a spark lit inside of Jackie Brown. Now she is on fire and nothing will stop her form blazing her way to the top.

Jackie Brown Installing Solar Panels

Before Solar Futures, Jackie never thought she would go to college. Now at 21 years of age Jackie is three years in to her Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. She attends Fresno State
University, while simultaneously working for GRID Alternatives designing residential solar systems.

“I was put directly in the industry. I was in front of professionals. That opened the door for me. Getting connections with potential employers and the feeling of being in a professional industry gave me the realization that I should get a degree. Before this, the thought of going to college never appealed to me. It just wasn’t a necessity in my family.”

After school, Jackie hopes to move forward with GRID as a construction manager, or possibly manage another residential solar company.  She is open minded and optimistic about her future career, knowing that the right doors will open when she gets to them.

Jackie feels she has matured through Solar Futures and the AERO Academy. Now, she lives to work and works to earn her education. She is finding success in the industry she loves, and on her way to a fulfilling solar future!


Jackie at a Women's Build