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When undergraduate and graduate students spend a week at GRIDLA activities, everything from the site visits to the homeowner install is a step preparing them to have future impact beyond the university. Read More >
We’re a few weeks in, but GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles has been plenty busy in 2017. In February, Outreach took our show on the road: a beautiful assortment of slides, stories and info for a partner in the South Bay region of our county. Read More >
"Under different circumstances I would have never met or been in the same room as a UCLA student or engineer or someone who works for Tesla," he says, describing some of his past work meetings with GRID Alternatives. Read More >
GRID Alternatives supports equity and second chances for all. We see the solar industry as a vehicle to open up opportunity for everyone, and in that spirit, we'll be highlighting success stories from returning citizens. Read More >
In its first time funding GRIDLA, DYSF is making yearlong solar education possible for individuals ages 16 to 24. Read More >
What does it mean to be building up a community? As an organization that's taken on a unique challenge – creating a new norm centered on accessible, affordable solar in the largest metropolitan region of the largest state in the country – we find ourselves asking this question all the time. Read More >
On Thursday, December 15th, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Night. Read More >
It is our volunteers who make our work at GRID possible. During this holiday season, we would like to shine the solar spotlight on one particular volunteer, Shawn Kerek, who has already given so much in service. Read More >
As the nation expressed it's gratitude for our veterans on Veterans Day, we must never forget that the highest show of appreciation is not to just utter words, but to live by them. Read More >
On Wednesday, as part of Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, the largest green building conference and expo in the world, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles (GLA) held a solar job fair so employers could directly connect with many of LA’s talented and diverse solar job seekers. Read More >


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