Sharing the Good News About Solar


March 27, 2017

When Barbara Bowen heard about GRID Alternatives’ solar program from a friend, she quickly took action and called to see if she qualified. “I had looked into solar prior to calling but found the price too expensive for my budget,” said Barbara.

Homeowners who qualify for GRID’s program and go solar save on an average anywhere from 50-90% on their utility bill. Barbara said she expects a noticeable difference in her bill, especially during the summer months when her air conditioning use spikes.

Once Barbara’s system was installed, she learned about GRID’s recently launched Homeowner Referral Program. Homeowners and volunteers who refer qualified applicants can receive a $200 bonus. In addition to helping friends, family, and neighbors to lower their electricity bills, the incentive can be very rewarding due to the limitless allowable referrals. 

“I started off spreading the word on my block,” stated Barbara. “Now, I plan on continuing to share the good news to the next block and so on. I recommend GRID to everyone. You will definitely see a substantial savings.”

Barbara’s enthusiasm is admirable, as she has spoken to approximately 6-8 homeowners to date. If you are an existing GRID homeowner or volunteer, what are you waiting for? Refer a qualified homeowner to GRID and when their system is installed, you too can receive a $200 referral bonus. Please contact our Outreach team at 951-465-2864 for additional details about the Referral Program. You can also learn more about the Solar Affordable Housing Program by visiting our website.