Solar Spring Breakers take impact to the next level


April 19, 2017

Solar Spring Break 2017!

This year, GRID welcomed college teams from across the country for our most ambitious--and impactful--Solar Spring Break yet! Seventeen teams and 172 students joined GRID offices from coast to coast, working with staff and community members to spread the benefits of solar to more families and learn a lot along the way.

This year’s Solar Spring Breakers made a huge impact in the communities they served. Their contributions to 21 solar installation projects will save homeowners over $2 million in energy costs and prevent nearly 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Participants experienced many new adventures--bravely knocking on doors to bring the benefits of solar to low-income homeowners, immersing themselves in cross-cultural experiences with tribal communities, discussing social justice issues with our local partners, marveling at vast solar farms and, of course, installing lots of solar. This video is our way of saying, “Thank you!”

With Solar Spring Break 2017 coming to a close, a new door opens! Registration for Solar Spring Break 2018 opens at the end of summer. Learn more!

Thanks to Wells Fargo for its support of Solar Spring Break 2017.