For the Good of our Planet


November 30, 2016

Jan Phillips Portrait

Jan Phillips Portrait

Three solar companies turned Jan Phillips down before she found GRID Alternatives. “Nobody would help me because my bills weren’t deemed high enough,” Ms. Phillips says -- she uses as little energy as possible to try and keep her carbon footprint low. “I tried explaining to these companies that it isn’t all about money, that I want to do the right thing for our planet.”

Ms. Phillips’ environmental motivations weren’t motivation enough for local solar contractors and she continued using as little energy as possible, until a GRID representative at a local arts event explained that she might qualify for a no-cost system with us. “I couldn’t believe it, everything about it was incredible, it sounded too good to be true.”

Now Ms. Phillips is the proud owner of a 16 panel solar electric system. She has turned the heating on in her home and it feels good. “I can use things now, because I have the sun helping me out!”

Ms. Phillips is a writer and social activist; the author of 12 books and a regular HuffPost blogger, she says she is excited to start getting the word out about GRID. “You guys should be swamped with applications, this is all so good!”