News from the Field

Each year, GRID offers a unique opportunity for Nicaraguan women who are interested in the renewable energy industry to gain hands-on solar installation experience by participating in our "Mujeres del Sol" project. In January 2017, 10 women installed a 1 kW off-grid PV system on a primary school and health clinic in Los Encuentros, Estelí. Paola Pérez Belli, an environmental engineer from Managua, reflects on her experience participating in this project. Read More >
When we put solar on a home, much of the energy it produces ends up back on the power grid, earning credits that offset electricity purchased from the utility at other times of day. But one GRID homeowner now has a way to bank her own power. Read More >
Students from fifteen schools across the country will spend their upcoming spring breaks installing solar for low-income families and getting hands-on workforce training in the solar industry as part of our Solar Spring Break program. Read More >
Pat Claycomb knew from an early age she wanted to work in the solar industry. Read More >
Today we’re celebrating a landmark achievement: there are now more than 3 million people employed in the clean energy industry! Read More >
On a cold, January day, as smoke from wood fires filled the air, five young AmeriCorps members were hard at work digging a trench in front of a home in the Tesuque Pueblo in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Fellows with GRID Alternatives, the workers were getting ready to install the community’s very first solar electric system for a family of seven. Read More >
In January 2017, GRID Alternatives completed construction of a 6.36kW ground-mount solar PV system at Robert and Sue Dorame’s home as part of a demonstration project in partnership with NPHA that is supported by a grant from All Points North Foundation. Read More >
Last October, GRID had the opportunity to host 34 Northland Controls employees in California’s North Coast for their 2016 Northland Challenge. Read More >
In October, GRID partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory to provide solar training to five Indian tribes. Read More >


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