GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic kicked-off our Solar Futures program this month at Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School. Solar Futures is a national GRID program working to provide opportunities to K-14 students to learn more about solar power and illuminate career pathways in the booming solar industry. Read More >
Champagne, gifts, flowers, and party favors - that’s how most people picture a bridal shower. Instead, Leslie imagined hardhats, harnesses, ladders, and power tools. Leslie and her bridesmaids participated in GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic’s new Solar Champions program, raising money for GRID to install a solar system that will save a DC homeowner approximately $700 a year, and prevent about 100 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. Read More >
After opening our doors in January 2015, GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic has come a long way! On December 20th 2016, we wrapped up the year by installing our 100th solar system in the Mid-Atlantic region. Read More >
Meet Dominic and Keon, new GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic construction employees. Their very first introduction to solar was this summer, through a job training program. “If you asked me and Dom the first day, ‘give me the bandsaw,’ I’d be like ‘what? Is that an instrument or something?’” said Keon. Read More >
“I am happy that I was selected for this,” said Ms. Williams, beaming, “I’m elated!” Ms. Williams just received 14 solar panels on the roof of her house. The 3.43 kW system will save her an estimated $17,000 on her electric bill during the systems’ lifetime. Read More >
“There are endless possibilities with solar careers,” said Andrea Luecke with the Solar Foundation, “sales, finance, permitting, policy, web development, market research, project development, installation…..” The list goes on and on. Job fair attendees discovered this when they attended the Solar Focus Job Fair on November 17th, at the Downtown Renaissance Hotel in Washington DC. Read More >
On Saturday, WGL volunteers joined GRID Alternatives in Southeast DC to install solar for our first multifamily project in the Mid-Atlantic. The WGL volunteers were participating as part of the annual “WGL Day of Weatherization,” which involved 215 WGL employees weatherizing 105 homes in West Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Read More >
The number one GRID volunteer stopped by our office last week. Well, all of our GRID volunteers are number one in our minds, but Michael Johnson-Chase is a remarkable, determined GRID Alternatives volunteer. For the past six months, Michael has been biking to each of the GRID regional offices, riding between 60 to 100 miles a day. He has been biking with the Climate Ride Independent Cycling Challenge to raise money for GRID. Read More >
GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic recently hosted its first Troops to Solar build in Virginia! GRID Alternatives and HeroHomes teamed up to save money for a veteran family with equipment and system design donated by Standard Solar. The installation was completed by veteran and active duty military job trainees, as part of GRID’s Troops to Solar initiative, supported by Wells Fargo. Read More >
Across the District of Columbia, 42 families are now benefiting from the financial savings that solar power provides, thanks to a partnership between GRID Alternatives and The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU). GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic just finished up these solar installations in DC this summer through DCSEU’s Affordable Solar Program. GRID was chosen to be one of the program’s primary solar installers. The DCSEU’s Affordable Solar Program just completed its fifth year, and has already begun work on next year’s projects. Read More >