Intern Spotlights: Camille Keith and Noah Peterson


July 14, 2020

Camille Keith
GRID Alternatives North Coast Intern, Camille Keith

Ya’at’eeh (Hello). My name is Camille Keith. I am from Shonto, AZ which is located on the Navajo Nation. My clans are Yei dine Tachinii, Tabaahi, Todichiinii, and Honoghanii. This is how I properly identify myself as a young lady to the land and people. Currently, I am a junior student studying to become an Engineer at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. My goal is to pursue an environmental or renewable engineering degree to help keep the planet clean and green and to protect the health of the people by improving environmental quality. I am excited to be a part of Grid Alternatives serving as an intern for the North Coast in Willits, California. This is my third week with Grid, and I hit the ground running with learning so much about solar systems and how much it benefits those in need. In my free time, I love to soak up the sun and be outdoors hiking the trails, rafting the rivers, kayaking, fishing, biking and camping.  I am a farm girl that spends time working in the crop fields with my family and has a passion for plants. I am happy to spend socially distant time with you all in the North Coast area and learn more about renewable energy while helping the surrounding communities in need.


Noah Peterson
GRID Alternatives North Coast Intern, Noah Peterson

Hello everyone! I am Noah Peterson. My hometown is Cortez, Colorado and I am currently attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. At Fort Lewis, I am pursuing a major in engineering and plan to graduate Spring 2022. My goals include learning as much as possible about the electrical aspect of solar as well as the installation process. Some long term goals include graduation from Fort Lewis and becoming a knowledgeable engineer. Also, I would like to further my education past a bachelor's degree. Currently the type of engineering I am most interested in is the electrical aspect as well all the microdevice aspects and how those work together to complete a task. Other than school, my interests include my dogs, going to the lake, and spending time with my family. Some jobs I have had before include construction; mostly demolition, working at a saw mill, grocery clerk, and various landscaping jobs. I tend to be as driven as possible when completing a task and doing it well the first time is always better. GRID is definitely still a learning process but it's always a good time learning new things and meeting new people and challenges.