Job Training Partnerships

Members of job training partner SolarWorks DC with GRID staff member and client
GRID Alternatives provides a classroom in the field for job training organizations, giving students the experience and networking opportunities they need to get jobs.

GRID prepares your students for jobs

GRID has partnered with over 100 local job training organizations to provide students with hands-on experience in industry-relevant skills to complement classroom learning and prepare them for employment. GRID’s training directly prepares participants for solar installation and operations jobs. Knowledge gained at installations, at workshops, or in office roles can also help trainees excel in the design and marketing aspects of solar business.

The Troops to Solar initiative provides solar industry workforce training to U.S. military veterans and active service members across the country. In addition, our "Vets helping Vets” events provide solar systems for low-income veterans. Learn more.

Partner with us

Our partners include job training organizations like Center for Employment Training,YouthBuild, The Mission Continues, Rising Sun Energy Center and Green City Force; community colleges and vocational schools; and even some high schools as part of our Solar Futures Initiative. We coordinate our offerings with the training program's structure and curriculum. Skills workshops, professional development workshops, and internship opportunities can all be included. Cost varies based on location and training package.

In our 6-year partnership, GRID Alternatives has helped more than 150 Proteus students find jobs in the solar industry. Read more.

Making employment connections

GRID partners with employers to:

  • Host job fairs and employer meet-and-greets
  • Share job announcements
  • Connect with trainees at our installs

GRID also invites all job trainees to sign up for the GRID Alternatives Resume Bank through our online portal.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact your local GRID Alternatives office or for national partnerships contact