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  • Mexican students install solar on an orphanage in Mexico City

GRID's installation training programs offer experienced participants additional training to further develop their skills and prepare for opportunities in the solar jobs market.

Benefits of Training with GRID

  • Invaluable hands-on training
  • Access to potential employment opportunities
  • Skill certificates awarded for demonstrating competence on real-world installations  
  • Opportunities to gain leadership skills as part of our Team Leader Program
  • Priority participant slots on most installations
  • Access to trainee-only events and workshops
  • Experience that counts toward qualifying for the NABCEP PV Installer Exam  (Team Leader only - contact your regional office to learn more)

Certificate Programs

GRID offers two progressive certificate programs - Installation Basics Training (IBT) and Team Leader Training. Trainees may specialize in electrical or array work, or both.

In line with GRID’s mission to make training accessible to underserved communities, GRID's certificate programs will be available to a limited number of participants and students from job training organizations.

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Start Training with GRID

To become a GRID Trainee you must:

  • Sign up for an orientation (in person or online)
  • Participate in at least one full GRID Alternatives installation
  • Attend Installation Basics Training Orientation at your regional office  
  • Demonstrate competency of IBT skills under the evaluation of GRID staff members to earn your skill certificates

Trainees who complete either all the electrical or all the array skills in the IBT program can then move on to the Team Leader program. Access to the program is based on training slot availability and individual assessment.   

Installation Basics Training (IBT) Pathway. Step 1: Attend volunteer orientation. Step 2: Participate in at lease one installation. Step 3: Attend IBT Orientation. Step 4: Join GRID installations to gain skills on IBT checklist. Step 5: Demonstrate compet

Employment Opportunities for Trainees

Trainees have access to various potential paths to employment, including

  • on-site networking opportunities with other participants and corporate sponsors
  • referrals to companies who are hiring for installation and other positions in the solar industry
  • access to the GRID Alternatives Resume Bank
  • access to solar jobs guides compiled by GRID workforce development staff
  • access to the Solar Training Network, a platform that connects job seekers with solar employers through a web portal, job fairs and other resources
  • referrals through GRID's Sub-contractor Partnership Program (SPP) for paid short-term work as an SPP job trainee.  

If you are interested in hiring GRID trainees or learning more about trainings for groups, please contact us at