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More than 3 million US workers are employed in well-paying clean energy jobs. Our installation training programs help individuals launch careers in this booming industry.
GRID's installation training programs offer experienced participants additional training to further develop their skills and prepare for opportunities in the solar jobs market.

Why Solar?

The growing solar industry is creating pathways out of poverty for tens of thousands of workers. Solar today employs over 250,000 people - twice as many people as coal. According to a 2017 Department of Energy report, clean energy jobs accounted for nearly five times more jobs than fossil fuels. The barriers to entry are low. Only seven percent of solar installation jobs required a bachelor’s degree in 2017. Most employers are simply looking for training or on-the-job experience. Solar jobs are good jobs. Compared to similar industries, solar wages are competitive and often above the national average (Solar Job Census, 2018).

What You'll Learn

Hands-on solar installation experience is at the heart of GRID’s training philosophy.

Installation skills learned on our sites include:

  • Job site safety
  • Fall protection
  • Array layout
  • Racking installation
  • Module level power electronics (MLPE) installation
  • Module installation
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical layout and mounting
  • Conduit bending and installation
  • Electrical wiring

Some locations also offer training in other aspects of the solar industry, including sales, warehouse, and design training. 

Where to Train

GRID has offices throughout California, in Colorado Washington, DC, and Nicaragua. Training options and availability vary by location. Contact your local GRID office to find out what’s available in your area.

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