Our Model

What We Do

Since 2008, GRID’s International Program has brought solar electricity, improved cookstoves, and solar workforce training to communities in Nicaragua, Nepal, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  We work together with partners and local and international volunteers to  develop and install solar systems and provide hands-on solar training.  The systems we install provide reliable energy access and create economic opportunities for frontline communities through GRID’s community-centric approach to sustainable development. 

Solar Energy Systems

We design and install photovoltaic systems that deliver clean, reliable energy to rural communities that lack access to the electrical grid and mission-aligned beneficiaries in urban areas to reduce their electric bills.  The off-grid systems provide residents with enough energy to power appliances that can increase local income generation, helping to maintain the systems overtime. Solar enables the use of energy efficient lighting, cell phone charging, water pumping, refrigeration, access to information and electrical appliances for home or business use.

Community Training

GRID provides training opportunities for the communities we work with before, during and after a solar project. In addition, GRID hosts an annual solar conference in Nicaragua that brings together leaders from each community we work in to share experiences and strengthen leadership, while learning about best practices, conflict resolution and solar system maintenance.  

Workforce Development

GRID provides training opportunities for local residents leaders to gain hands-on solar installation experience, helping build skills and resumes to gain employment in the rapidly growing solar industry.  Learn more about our Installation Basics Training Program. 

Experiential Learning

GRID offers a classroom in the field that teaches international travelers about sustainable development and energy access solutions. Travelers stay in-community and participate in an off-grid or grid-tied solar installation in Mexico, Nepal or Nicaragua and related educational and cultural activities. Their trip fees provide financial support to make our projects possible.


“GRID Alternatives has the strongest and most effective after-install support program I have seen among NGOs providing solar power systems in developing communities. It's this follow up, training, and support that makes their projects successful in the long run where other NGO's projects might be out of service after 6 months because the community was not prepared to maintain the system. Congratulations to Jenean and her staff for putting together a sustainable program that not only turns the light on in communities but keeps turning them on, night after night.”

- Marvin Hamon

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