Installation Basics Training Program

A group of trainees install solar panels on a roof
GRID Alternatives seeks to provide an effective, efficient, and equitable pathway into the solar industry.

One of GRID’s key training programs is Installation Basics Training (IBT), a competency-based certificate program designed to develop the skills that are most relevant to entry-level solar installation jobs and related construction employment fields. IBT focuses on individual certificates in industry-recognized skills, providing trainees with valuable hands-on training and access to potential employment opportunities. 

Benefits of the IBT Program

  • Valuable hands-on training
  • Access to potential employment opportunities
  • Earning skill certificates by demonstrating competency in real-world installations  
  • Develop competencies to be prepared for entry-level solar installation jobs

Earning IBT Certificates

IBT trainees can obtain individual certificates from GRID in any of the below array and electrical skills. To earn all (10) Skills Certificates, IBTs typically need to dedicate 130-300 hours in the field (8-20 complete installations).

IBT Array Certificates IBT Electrical Certificates
  • Job site safety (combined with electrical)
  • Fall protection
  • Array layout
  • Racking installations
  • Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE)
  • Module installation
  • Job site safety (combined with array)
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical layout and mounting
  • Conduit bending and installation
  • Electrical wiring


Employment Opportunities for Trainees

Trainees have access to various potential paths to employment, including

  • On-site networking opportunities with other participants and corporate sponsors
  • Referrals to companies who are hiring for installation and other positions in the solar industry
  • Access to the GRID Alternatives Resume Bank
  • Referrals through GRID's Sub-contractor Partnership Program (SPP) for paid short-term work as an SPP job trainee.  


Are you a solar employer or job training organization?

If you are interested in group training programs or hiring a GRID trainee, please visit our Job Training Organization and Employer pages.



Are you interested in training with GRID?

The IBT certificate program is currently only offered to the public in some GRID regions at specific times of the year. Contact your local GRID office to find out what training opportunities are available near you. 

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