Matching Gifts: Double your Donation!

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Let your employer match your gift today!

In just five minutes or less, you can further your impact toward a just and clean energy future.

Thousands of companies have matching gift programs that will double or even triple the charitable contributions made by their employees to GRID Alternatives. Gifts from employees’ spouses and retirees may also qualify.

When you request a donation match for your gift, you can provide twice as many resources towards ensuring access to clean, affordable renewable energy, transportation, and jobs to economic and environmental justice communities nationwide.

Simply type your company’s name into the search bar below to find out if they will match your gift.


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How matching gifts work: you+company match = double the impact!

Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to boost your gift. We appreciate your support!

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Common Questions

How do I submit a matching gift?

  1. Make a donation to
  2. Log into your company's matching gift submission website (if you use the search tool on our website, you will receive a follow-up email linking to this page).
  3. Once logged in, search for “GRID Alternatives” or the local affiliate you want to support.
  4. Select the appropriate listing from the search result. If it is not found, manually enter the organization's ID number.
  5. Register the donation.
  6. Submit the completed matching gift request to your employer.

What are GRID’s ID Numbers (EINs)?

GRID Alternatives (main): 26-0043353

Local Affiliates:

GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles, Inc.: 46-1652604
GRID Alternatives Colorado, Inc.: 46-1815422
GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic, Inc.: 47-2717517
GRID Alternatives North Valley, Inc.: 47-2700073
GRID Alternatives San Diego, Inc. -: 47-2682164
GRID Alternatives Central Valley, Inc.: 32-0488262
GRID Alternatives Bay Area, Inc.: 83-1439572
GRID Alternatives Inland Empire, Inc.: 83-1454791

*Note: in some employer matching systems, the affiliate name may not be shown and it may only say “GRID Alternatives.” If that is the case, please search by the ID of the affiliate you want to send the employer matching gift to.