Energy for All: Single-Family

GRID Alternatives' Energy for All program makes solar power accessible to families who need the savings most, while providing hands-on solar installation experience to volunteers and job trainees.

We provide low-to-no cost solar electric systems to families that qualify as low income, and install them using a barnraising model that gives volunteers and job trainees hands-on experience they can use to get jobs in the growing solar industry. Each project has a triple impact: energy cost savings that help struggling families put food on the table or pay medical expenses; a classroom in the field for solar aspirants that supports local employment and the growing solar industry; and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that helps local governments reach their emissions targets and contributes to cleaner air for everyone.

With an estimated 20 million low income, owner-occupied single family homes in the United States, we have a tremendous opportunity to support the continued growth of solar and the long-term transition to clean, renewable energy that will benefit us all. Get involved today by partnering, volunteering or making a donation to support our work. 

Disadvantaged Communities - Single-family Solar Homes Program

GRID Alternatives was selected by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to administer the Disadvantaged Communities - Single-family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH) program. The program will provide $8.5 million in incentives each year through 2030 for households in environmental justice communities to go solar, with job training opportunities integrated into every project.

Low-Income Weatherization Program

As part of the California Department of Community Services and Development's Low-Income Weatherization Program (LIWP), GRID Alternatives partners with environmentally and economically disadvantaged communities to install rooftop solar for homeowners and provide hands-on skill building opportunities to volunteers. 

Single-family Affordable Solar Homes Program

GRID Alternatives was the statewide program manager for the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes Program (SASH), a ratepayer-funded program through the California Public Utilities Commission that provides up-front rebates to help low-income homeowners access the benefits of solar power. The last SASH program incentives were reserved at the end of 2021.