Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Begin your legacy with GRID

To help you get started on your plans and legacy, you can use FreeWill, an online tool that guides you through the process of creating your will or trust. It's easy to use, accessible online, and can be completed in 20 minutes. You can use this resource on its own or use it to document your wishes before finalizing your plans with an attorney. 

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Let us know about a gift in your will or trust

Have you already included a gift in your will or trust? We would love to thank you for your generosity. 

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We know that life circumstances can change, and you may need to alter or reconsider your gift in the future. That's all right—reporting your gift today does not obligate you now or in the future. 

Non-probate assets

Do you have an IRA, 401(k), life insurance policy, or any other assets not included in your will? These are called non-probate assets, and you must plan your beneficiaries for them separately. Use this online tool to make your plans and designate us as a beneficiary of one or more of these assets. 

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For questions related to Legacy Giving, feel free to contact us at donations@gridalternatives.org or 510-780-3158. Please keep in mind that GRID Alternatives is not able to provide legal advice or tax advice.

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