SolarCorps Fellowship Program

SolarCorp with hands up

What is SolarCorps?

GRID Alternatives’ SolarCorps Fellowship Program provides a career pipeline for individuals into the growing clean energy industry through an 11-month apprenticeship model. Fellows receive meaningful, hands-on work experience and long-term training in a supportive, inclusive environment. To date, more than 300 people have served as fellows in GRID’s SolarCorps program. Fellows come from a wide range of backgrounds and gain valuable experience in the solar and non-profit industries while making significant contributions to historically under-resourced communities. The program aims to diversify the solar industry and support fellows in securing full-time employment in the solar industry after their 11 months at GRID.

GRID Alternatives is a proud grantee of AmeriCorps and California Volunteers, Office of the Governor. The SolarCorps Fellowship Program is also supported by Bank of America.

The Fellowship experience also includes:  

  • Hands on, on the job, full time service mentored by professionals in the industry 
  • Orientation and Midyear Retreat events that focus on professional development and job readiness. There are in addition to the self-paced career development activities, with funds for additional professional development support.
  • Please check out the Program Details page for more information
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