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Learn about our Upcoming and Past projects below in Nicaragua, Nepal, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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Mansarobar Model School in Nepal

Install Solar at Mansarobar School in Humla, Nepal

The solar system will enable evening study, power laptops, projectors, geysers for hot water, and electric heaters, and provide lights and electricity in areas currently without electricity.

Dalit Community, Nepal

Support solar-home lighting systems for a Dalit community in Nepal

Dalit Basti is an off-grid Dalit community in Humla, Nepal, comprising 62 households. The community seeks to have lighting in their homes to improve visibility at night and to provide a safeguard against potential dangers.

Syada Health Post and Birthing Center

Support Solar at the Syada Health Post in Syada, Humla, Nepal

Syada Health Post, located in Syada, Humla, Nepal, serves a population of 2,800 in the surrounding area, seeing 15-20 people daily. It operates in a remote location with no access to the national electric grid and no vehicle access. 

Nepali volunteer solar installer

Install Solar at Bargaun Health Post in Humla, Nepal

Travel with GRID on a journey to learn about the history and culture of Humla, Nepal while installing a solar system on a helath post. Experience life in a remote Dalit community together with like-minded travelers while learning about international development practices from GRID's Nepali team.

Thhey Health Post and Birthing Center, Humla, Nepal

Install Solar at Thhey Health Post and Birthing Center in Humla, Nepal

Travel with GRID on an 8-day journey to learn about the history and culture of Humla, Nepal while installing a solar system on a helath post and birthing center. Experience life in a remote community together with like-minded travelers while learning about international development practices from GRID's Nepali team.

Cruz-Palacios family farm field

Bring Solar Drip Irrigation to the Palacios Family Farm

In the farming community of La Rinconada in San Sebastián de Yalí, Jinotega, Mariana Palacios and her husband, Mónaco Cruz, nurture their land and family with steadfast dedication. Together with their two children, they cultivate a variety of vegetables, always attuned to the changing seasons and market demands.

Ocusli community group

2024: Bringing a Solar-Powered Water Supply System to the Oculi Village in Remote Nicaragua

Oculi is a small, rural village in Jinotega, Nicaragua. This community is home to 30 families facing significant daily challenges. Nestled in a rural and agricultural setting, this community lacks access to conventional energy and potable water, essentials for a dignified and healthy life. 

Dada Faya Health Post and Birthing Center, Nepal

GRID is Working to Bring Solar to a Clinic and Birthing Center in Nepal

Dada Faya Health Post and Birthing Centerlocated in Dada Faya, Humla, Nepal, is an off-grid health post and birthing center that provides services such as an Out Patient Department for general medical services, vaccinations, nutrition distributions, directly observed therapy services and community health campaigns. 

Himali Bahira Tatha Daudhik Apangata School students

GRID is Working to Bring Solar for a Nepali School for Differently-abeled Children

Himali Bahira Tatha Baudhik Apangata School, located in Tallobazar, Humla, Nepal is a residential school for 53 children with hearing, speech, and autism special needs. The students are from all over the Humla district and are from 6-17 years old and they take classes customized to each child's unique needs.  Solar will allow Himali Bahira Tatha Baudhik Apangata School to further support its children's education and boarding needs. 

Sprinkler irrigation

2024: Solar-powered Drip-irrigation for the Centeno Family

The Centeno family members have been farmers all their lives, cultivating beans, corn, tomatoes, and jalapeño peppers. The family currently waters their one-acre farm using a gas-powered pump.  Solar irrigation will replace the pump, saving the family money, displacing gasoline, and reducing air and noise pollution at the farm. Solar irrigation will displace a gas-powered pump and reduce air and noise pollution, and provide yearly irrigation. 

Neji Mexico house with tree

November 2024: Off-grid Solar-powered Refrigerators Power an Indigenous Community in Mexico

Travel with GRID on an 8-day journey to learn about the history and culture of Baja California, Mexico while installing solar-powered refrigerators for off-grid families in an indigenous community.  Experience life in a remote community together with like-minded travelers while learning about international development practices from GRID's Mexico team.

Installers holding solar panel

October 2024: Solar Power for La Casa del Jardin in Baja California, Mexico

In the heart of Tijuana, Mexico, and the United States intersect at a place of refuge and renewal—a sanctuary known as La Casa del Jardín is shelter to young survivors of human trafficking. 

Nepal on roof Hadsinja

September 2024: Solar for the Mahila Fader Girls Hostel in Simikot Bazar, Humla, Nepal 

Travel with GRID Alternatives on a life-changing adventure to Nepal in 2024 to learn about Nepali history and culture while installing solar at the Mahila Fader Girls Hostel located in Simikot Bazar, Humla, Nepal. On your 8-day trip to Nepal, you will participate hands-on in the solar installation in the community and visit other parts of Nepal while you explore sustainable international development best practices.

Totumblita 2021 Family Nicaragua

June 2024: Installed solar home systems in the rural off-grid community of Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua

GRID travelers installed off-grid solar systems for eleven families so they have access to electric lighting at night and can use small electrical appliances in their homes. During the 8-day trip with GRID, they learned about the history and culture of Nicaragua, experienced life in a rural off-grid community, helped install battery-based solar home systems on rural homes, and participated in GRID's service learning curriculum to learn more about sustainable international development.

Nepal Sindhu 2

2024: Himalchuli Nature Farmstay in Nepal is Going Solar 

The Himalchuli Nature Farmstay is located in the remote Madi Valley of Nepal's southern Chitwan district. Himalchuli was established with the goal of promoting sustainable agriculture and ecotourism in Nepal, and supporting the local community through employment, organic farm training, and working with the community in development activities.

YMCA CDC 1 Tijuana Mexico

2024: YMCA Community Development Center in Mexico

Support GRID to install solar at the YMCA Community Development Center of Baja California, Mexico, an affordable preschool in the Tijuana area where children learn about reading, writing, math, computers, and language, preparing them for elementary school. 

Hostel El Rosario, Nicargua

2024: A Woman-Owned Hostel El Rosario in Nicaragua is Going Solar

Trinidad, affectionately known as "Trini" by locals in Somoto, is hailed as a beacon of entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, and generosity. Her journey began with a simple observation of her town's needs. Seeing an influx of travelers, primarily from Managua, and a lack of accommodations, she transformed her home into a welcoming haven for visitors.  GRID is bringing solar to her woman-owned Hostel El Rosario in Somoto, Nicaragua. 


2024: Bringing Solar to Kathmandu Institute of Child Health (KIOCH) 

GRID is working with KIOCH, a non-profit children's hospital in Nepal, to bring a 31.68kW grid-tied solar electric system with lithium-ion battery backup for emergency loads. This will provide significant monthly cost savings by lowering the hospital’s electric bill and providing critical backup power during power outages.

Deusa Agroforestry Center

2024: GRID is working to bring solar to the Deusa Agroforestry Resource Center in Nepal

GRID is working to bring solar to the Deusa Agroforestry Resource Center (DARC) in Deusa Village in the Thulung-Dudh Koshi Rural Municipality, Solukhumbu district of eastern Nepal. With solar electricity, the Center will have access to computers and other teaching tools will enhance the quality of teaching and learning during the training.


Mancarron 2024

April 2024: Mancarrón Island's Roca Lagarto Eco-hotel Installs Solar Panels

In April 2024, corporate travelers from IGS Energy worked with GRID to install an off-grid solar system at the woman-owned Eco-Hotel Roca Lagarto in Mancarrón, Nicaragua. 

Lorenzo Luna well

March 2024: Installation of a drip irrigation system for the Luna Family Farm

In March 2024, the GRID team in Nicaragua installed a solar drip irrigation system for the Luna family farm. The system will offset gasoline costs and emissions and provide efficient crop irrigation to improve food yields.  

El Meson restaurant Catarina

December 2023: Supporting a Women-owned Small Business in Catarina, Nicaragua

Julisa is a women entrepreneur in Catarina, Nicaragua.  She owns and operates a restaurant at the top of the hill at the end of the main street that overlooks Laguna de Apoyo, a lake in the base of a volcanic crater.  The tourist economy in Catarina provides a vital source of income and employment for local residents. 

Juntas de Neji, Mexico

November 2023: Rural Electrification for 20 Homes in Juntas de Neji, Mexico

In November 2023, GRID's team in Mexico together with renewable energy students from Universidad Tecologica de Tijuana installed 20 solar home systems in the remote indigenous community of Juntas de Neji in Baja California, Mexico.

Amppipal Hospital Aerial

November 2023: Bringing Solar with Storage to Amppipal Hospital in Nepal

In November 2023, travelers installed a solar system at Amppipal Hospital. Amppipal is a small village located in the mountainous region of Gorkha district in Nepal. A solar electric system with energy storage will ensure the hospital can keep its critical services operating during power outages and will also lower the hospital’s bill, allowing cost savings to be invested back into the services offered to the 55-110 patients who come to Amppipal Hospital for treatment every day.

El Regadio Nicaragua Roof 2019

November 2023: Bringing solar to a coffee farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua 

In November 2023, travelers with GRID went to Nicaragua to install solar at a coffee farm in the rural town of El Regadio. They learned about Nicaraguan culture and history on this 8-day trip while visiting a working coffee farm.  The solar system supports the Ruiz and Maradiaga family, helping them grown their business which employees more than 500 local people.