Bringing solar to the Shree Dumre Secondary School in Palungtar, Nepal

Northland Controls group alongside grid staff, gham power, and school representatives at the conclusion of the installation
In October 2018, Northland Controls employees worked alongside GRID staff and partner Gham Power to install a 1.92kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the Shree Dumre Secondary School, located in the Palungtar municipality-3 of the Gorkha District in Nepal. The Dumre School currently holds classes for around 120 students from Grades 1 to 8, with most of the students coming from the remote villages of Dumre Dada, Jaljale, Pathivara and Patchang, and walking an average of one and a half hours to reach school each day.

2 story school building
The Gorkha District was the epicenter of the devastating earthquake of 2015, where numerous houses and schools were destroyed, including Dumre School. While the damaged buildings of the school had been repaired since the earthquake, the school was facing problems with unreliable electricity, which greatly impaired their ability to use their computer facilities and access adequeate study materials. These problems have been depriving students of quality education and many students have enrolled in schools in the district headquarters, having to travel much longer distances to seek these facilities.

Partner Gham Power lead Northland Controls employees in the installation
Partner Gham Power lead Northland Controls employees in the installation at the Dumre School
As with many schools in more remote communities, the Dumre School doesn’t have the appropriate resources to invest in proper infrastructure improvements. Solar PV systems is one of the most promising solutions for schools such as the Dumre School, who can use the renewable electricity generated to power computers, printers, and internet, and improve the quality of education. Gham Power has experience in installing solar systems at over 50 schools all over Nepal and have witnessed first-hand the transformative affect energy and computer education can bring to a community.

Dumre School students and teachers, alongside Gham Power staff, in front of their new solar system
With the installation of a 1.92 kW solar system now complete, the students at the Shree Dumre School will now benefit by having access to quality education through a regular supply of electricity. See photos from the solar installation at Shree Dumre School with the Northland Controls team!

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