Women in Solar Program

Women in Solar Program - Four volunteers giving the thumbs up
We’re working to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive solar industry by providing pathways to technical careers for women*, highlighting the voices of women of color in the industry, and providing national leadership on solar workforce diversity. Women’s voices, talents and leadership are needed more than ever to build a strong and sustainable industry. Join us!

WE BUILD: Women building our solar future

Get on the roof

A great first step for women interested in solar is to participate in a GRID Alternatives installation as a volunteer. No experience necessary – we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Learn more and sign up to volunteer.

Develop your installation skills

GRID Alternatives’ Installation Training Programs give women who want to take it to the next level the chance to gain more skills, develop their leadership potential, and access solar job opportunities. Visit our Installation Training Programs page or contact your local volunteer coordinator to learn more. Take it to the next level by signing up for our free installation training programs where you’ll gain skills certification and leadership training.

Apply for a SolarCorps Fellowship

Our SolarCorps Fellowships offer opportunities for highly motivated and enthusiastic people to join GRID Alternatives for a one-year term in service to their community.  Fellows will gain valuable experience in the solar and non-profit industry to help launch their career while making significant contributions to GRID Alternatives and the broader community. Visit our jobs page for openings.

WE LEAD: Women in solar driving the conversation

Browse our library of over 13 conversations with women working in every aspect of the solar industry, from construction to tech to sales and marketing. These interactive discussions cover a range of topics to help you understand the challenges in a rapidly growing industry and gain valuable career insights.

WE GIVE: Women investing in energy equity

Join the “We Give" Circle! The “We Give” circle brings together a nationwide network of women to lead in philanthropy to help create a transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone. We Give members are leaders in their fields with a passion for helping people and the planet. Help fight climate change while making a difference for underserved communities, join We Give.

*People who identify as non-binary genders and feel they belong in our community of women are invited to participate in our Women in Solar Program.

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