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Puerto Rico First IBT cohort
GRID Alternative's International Program works in Nicaragua, Nepal, Mexico and Puerto Rico to build community-powered solutions to advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy.

More than a billion people around the world lack access to reliable electricity, exacerbating social and economic disparities. GRID Alternatives’ International Program works together with communities in Nicaragua, Nepal, Mexico and Puerto Rico to address critical energy needs with solar, energy efficient technologies, and workforce development training that provide residents with outcomes they seek.  GRID’s focus on community involvement, training, and long-term relationships mean the systems we install meet real community needs, stay up and running over the long-term, and deliver maximum impact in people’s lives.

About Our Program

GRID's International Program installs solar electric systems to power homes and community-serving buildings together with mission-aligned partners.  For more than 15 years, these systems have been providing residents with basic services, removing obstacles to sustainable growth, and creating economic opportunities for families and communities.  GRID's local teams and partners maintain relationships with communities to ensure that their long-term energy needs are being met. Learn more about our projects, our impact, and our energy access model.  Local and international volunteers gain hands-on experience installing solar systems and make a lasting impact in a community, while our projects demonstrate sustainable models for renewable energy development around the world.

Community Resilience

When communities are resilient, they are healthier, happier and more economically stable enabling them to bounce back faster from environmental and political shocks.  Access to reliable electricity means families can use lighting, refrigeration, electric appliances and tools to grow and thrive.  Solar power can improve health, education, reduce unpaid work, and increase opportunities for local income generation so people don’t have to leave their communities in search of work.

Economic Opportunity

Whether it’s a microgrid, a grain mill, or a coffee roaster, solar power opens new economic opportunities for communities, powering small businesses, saving people time, and increasing productivity. Our workforce development training program connects local residents with opportunities in growing solar industries.   

Clean Energy, Clean Air, Clean Water

Solar power replaces rudimentary fuels like kerosene, diesel generators, candles and wood  that create indoor and outdoor pollution and cost families money and time while negatively impacting health. Solar-powered water pumps bring clean water directly to homes and small farms, and improved cookstoves conserve wood and route kitchen stove smoke outside providing clean air inside.

Travel With Us

GRID provides opportunities to travel with us to Nicaragua, Nepal, or Mexico, gaining a first-hand view of our international work in action while supporting sustainable rural electrification projects. You'll work alongside community members to install off-grid solar power, while experiencing full immersion in rural life and local culture. Program activities are designed for a deep experience that helps individuals understand more about their own culture, values, and underlying assumptions about global issues while learning about energy access solutions and sustainable international development. Corporate and student experiences are also available!

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