Volunteer and Training FAQs

GRID volunteer smiling with a solar panel.

What is the time commitment for a public install?

Each public install day will be roughly eight hours long with a break for lunch. Participants are expected to stay for the full length of the installation. Start times will vary by office and time of year.

How many participants can you accommodate on an install?

Most single-family sites can accomodate 8-12 participants. For safety and workflow reasons, some sites may require a smaller number of participants. Larger projects on multi-family buildings or community solar installations may allow for a larger number of participants. 

What experience is required?

No experience or tools necessary! All participants must attend an orientation before they can install. Each install is led by GRID consturction staff. Moderate lifting (20 lbs.) may be involved. As GRID Alternatives policy, all modules and inverters must be carried by at least 2 people at all times. If you are uncomfortable with heights or ladders, ground work may be available.

What is the age requirement for participating in GRID installations?

You must be 18 or older to volunteer or train with GRID. In some cases, we can accommodate 16-17 year-olds with written parental consent. Please contact your local GRID Alternatives office for more information.

What training is provided to participants?

All volunteers and trainees are required to attend an orientation session, which includes background about GRID's programming and safety basics. The orientation is not intended to be a technical training on solar electrification. Once you have attended an orientation, you may sign up for as many installations as you like. Translation can be made available upon request.

Where do I report safety issues?

Safety is GRID's number one priority. If you have comments or suggestions, or want to report a safety issue, please either talk to the site supervisor or submit your feebdack on our website at www.gridalternatives.org/safety.

What happens if I am waitlisted?

When you are waitlisted for an event it does not carry over to future events. You must send a new request each time you want to attend a GRID opportunity. For example: if you request a seat at an orientation in April and are waitlisted, you are NOT automatically put on a list for the next volunteer orientation. When the next orientation is announced, you must send another request for a spot.

Can GRID assist with travel and lodging for participants coming from outside GRID regions?

While participants are welcome to travel to GRID regions to participate on our installations and other opportunities, GRID cannot provide assistance with travel, lodging, or international visas and cannot guarantee a set installation schedule. 


Volunteer and Training Guidebook 

Other questions? Please read our Volunteering and Training Guidebook for more information and to access the Participant Agreement form. 


Complete this form to start your volunteer and/or training process. After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

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