Install Solar at Himali Bahira Tatha Baudhik Apangata School in Nepal

Solar installation participants carrying solar panels in Nepal
Travel on an adventure to Nepal with GRID to install a solar on a school for children with special needs!

Himali Bahira Tatha Baudhik Apangata School, located in Tallobazar, Humla, Nepal is a residential school for 53 children with hearing, speech, and autism special needs. The students are from all over the Humla district and are from 6-17 years old and they take classes customized to each child's unique needs. The off-grid school is not connected to the national electric grid, so students use flashlights and mobile phone lights to see at night.  There is a small solar system that provides LED lighting in the school. Still, there is no solar or electricity where the students board, including no lighting or electricity in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Installers with solar panel on the roof

Tallobazar, Humla, Nepal is a remote beautiful place where nature is still intact. Its air is fresh and water rich in minerals, solar energy would mean sustainable development in the region. 

Himali School and Hostel

In 2024, GRID is working with Himali Bahira Tatha Baudhik Apangata School to install a solar electric system to bring a source of reliable, renewable electricity. Solar will allow Himali Bahira Tatha Baudhik Apangata School to better support its children's education and boarding needs while helping protect the natural environment. Solar will power devices and lights that provide learning technology, facilitate flexible study hours, and protect the children and property at night. With the addition of solar, the school can implement improvements such as electrical appliances for cooling, heating, cooking, and more. 

GRID travelers at Nepali religious site in Kathmandu

During your trip to Nepal, you will install solar for three days in the remote Tallobazar region of the Humla, explore this beautiful area, and experience the bustling capital city of Kathmandu as you learn about the culture and history of Nepal along with like-minded travelers.

Project Dates: 2024

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