Families in two indigenous towns go solar in Baja California, México

In May 2022, GRID is working with two off-grid Kumeyaay communities in northern Baja California to bring solar electricity and solar refrigeration to families. Residents of Juntas de Neji and San Antonio Necua will have reliable solar electricity to power lighting for reading and studying at night and electric appliances that can give them better access to news, entertainment, and income-generating opportunities. Solar refrigeration will allow families to keep food, beverages, and medicine cold.

Juntas de Neji and San Antonio Necua are two off-grid towns in ​​the municipality of Tecate in northern Baja California, Mexico.  Many residents belong to the Kumeyaay nation, an indigenous group of people who lives in both Mexico and the US.  Although the two communities are relatively close to larger towns like Tecate and Tijuana, grid electricity has never been extended to their communities.  

Juntas de Neji house by tree

GRID has been working with the community of Juntas de Neji since 2018 and has brought solar to homes and to the local school.  In May 2022, GRID is installed 20 off-grid solar home systems and 20 off-grid solar-powered refrigerators in the communities of Juntas de Neji and San Antonio Necua. 

Juntas de Neji resident with SHS

The solar systems bring clean, reliable electricity to families in the community for the first time, improving the quality of life for residents and creating more income generating opportunities.

Home with solar in Juntas de Neji

The solar-powered refrigeration systems consist of one solar module, a 100W inverter, a charge controller and two LTH maintenance-free batteries and an AC refrigerator.  Solar-powered refrigerators allow residents to keep food, beverages, and medicine cool, which saves them money, improved health and reduces food waste.

LTH battery San Antonio Necua Mexico

Thank you to Sempra Foundation and LTH batteries for supporting this project.

Project Date: May 2022

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