Mujeres del Sol 2020! Women in Solar Nicaragua Brings Solar Power to a School in San José el Paraíso

In January 2020, 10 Nicaraguan women will travel with GRID Alternatives to San José el Paraíso to install a school solar system for GRID's 6th Annual Women in Solar Nicaragua project! The school will be this remote community's only electrical source and will improve the children's education as well as the community's access to information and communication.

A man on a horse rides along the path into the community.
San José el Paraíso is a rural off-grid community in the municipality of Rio Blanco in the department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. With only about 300 residents and 3km from the nearest road, it is unlikely that the community will be hooked up to the national electric grid. During the dry season, the community is accessible by truck on a primitive road but during the long rainy season it is only accessible by horse or mule. Residents rely on candles, kerosene lamps and flashlights to light their homes and make a living from small-scale agriculture, producing mostly beans, corn and cacao.

Children stand in front of their school in San Jose el Paraiso
With the help of a local nonprofit, the community was able to build a school in 2017, where 44 students are enrolled from preschool to 6th grade. The three dedicated teachers walk an hour and a half from the town where they live to get to their students every day. Installing solar energy in the school will improve the instruction the teachers provide, for example, allowing them to charge the radios they currently use for activities with the children. 

Chickens group around some trees in San Jose el Paraiso
The community also has plans to take advantage of what will be the only electrical source in miles. Community members will be able to charge their cell phones, their only source of information and means of communication, and they hope to start adult education classes in the evenings. They even hope to get computers donated for the school which the whole community would benefit from. 

The group of Women in Solar participants and GRID staff smiling and posing with GRID Alternatives banner in El Platanal
GRID Alternatives Women in Solar Nicaragua Cohort from 2019!
As part of our Women in Solar Nicaragua program (Mujeres del Sol), this project will give 10 local women participants the opportunity to get hands-on experience in solar and the chance to build their skills and resume to enter the predominately male-dominated industry. GRID Alternatives relies on the support of donors to continue offering opportunities for women to break into the solar field while installing solar power technology in rural communities. Support GRID's International Program in addressing the critical energy access gap in communities like San José el Paraíso by donating now

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