Sponsored Project: Madre Asunta Migrant Center in Tijuana, Mexico Gets Solar with Flex

In October 2020, GRID Alternatives and partner Gecko Solar installed an 18.4 kW grid-tied solar system at Madre Asunta migrant center in Tijuana. The system will save the center money, which they can use to provide services to the 150 women and children that they house every day.

Every day, migrants arrive in Tijuana, Mexico, fleeing violent situations in their home countries or regions. Each of their stories or reasons for leaving is different, but all the women that come to Tijuana with their children are looking for a better life. Migrant center Madre Asunta was founded in 1994 to provide services to the most vulnerable migrant population: women and children. Madre Asunta acts as a safe place where they can contact their families, eat three meals a day, receive job training and access health, legal and psychological services.

In October 2020, GRID staff and partner Gecko Solar installed an 18.4 kW roof-mounted system at Casa Madre Asunta, in Tijuana, Mexico.  This clean renewable energy will save the center money each month which will be reinvested back into the families they support. View photos of this project here.

Although the center has a real capacity of 44 people, 120-150 people regularly stay there every day, 40% of which are under 18 years of age. Most people stay 5-7 weeks at a time and in 2017, Madre Asunta served over 1,000 migrants. The center has many operating costs associated with providing so many services to migrants, and other costs that only serve to keep the lights on. The installation of a solar system wil nearly eliminate their electricity bill, allowing Madre Asunta to use its limited budget to provide direct services. 


This project is made possible through the support of the Flex Foundation and Get Charged Up. Support from other companies is critical to enabling GRID to make renewable energy technology accessible to underserved communities. Help us unlock new opportunities for people in Baja California, México. Learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor for our international projects.  


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